“You’ll Come To Love It…”

Small town Idaho born and raised – where the winters last 9 months and it snows on the 4th of July. Perfect conditions for a runner, right?


Right now it is a balmy 15 degrees, and yesterday it snowed so much, there were drifts up to my waist. I’m 5’4″.


Pretty sure it was -2 degrees when this was taken. Also look at my cute husband. 

That’s Idaho for ya.

Growing up in this small tundra of a town, I watch my mother get up early to run almost every day. It didn’t matter if it was raining or sunny, light or dark out, snowing, icey, or above freezing for that matter – she would go out and run the five mile loop.
Obviously I come from a family who has a dislike of treadmills.

She trained and ran half marathons. She trained for a full one year – only to have her hopes and dreams shattered by me, who had a softball tournament the same weekend… she decided to come with me instead. THAT IS LOVE.

Also, sorry ’bout that, Mom.

All growing up she would tell me, “just go run. Keep at it consistently. You’ll come to love it, once you get past the breaking point. I promise.”

Yeah, right, Mom.

Fast forward to now and what do you know, Mom was right (yet again).

About a year ago I started running. I had always thought how cool it would be to run a half marathon or a marathon, just like my mom, and I wanted to get more in shape – what better way to do that than to run? I made goals – Teton Dam Marathon, June 4, 2016. I trained – 18 long weeks. I had the hardest months of my life, but the most self fulfilling hours in my first marathon.

I found my passion. I found myself.

Since then, I’ve considered myself a runner.
I’ve become known as “Erin The Runner,” “The One Who Runs Like Crazy,” and “Oh, you’re the one who is always running in the morning, right?” Oh, and of course, my favorite, “Judy Hops” (ya’ll know, the Rabbit from the movie Zootopia).

Yes, that’s me.


The runner, the crazy, the rabbit from a rural Idaho town.

As I contemplated starting a blog, there was one factor that finally led me to it. I wanted to show others that they can find themselves, too. Running offers a lot of thoughts and soul searching chances (especially in long training runs). Yes, it can be boring. But it comes to a  point where its therapeutic for the mind. At least that’s how it is for me. 

This blog is here for inspiration, tips, fueling recipes, and probably a lot of random thoughts from my mind… those long runs produce a lot of random thoughts. (Just ask Tate, he hears most of them). 

From stresses of school and work, or just everyday life, running can help solve them.
Or maybe it’s not running for you, maybe it’s weight lifting, dancing, art, cooking, reading, mini golf, WHATEVER IT IS – find your passion.

Although I may be biased, I believe running is the best medicine.
Try it. Just go out.
Like momma always said, you’ll come to love it.


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