It’s just a bad day (or week)

One week ago I was stoked to start my cutback week. Every three-four weeks of training I have a cutback week that’s 10-20% less mileage and no speedwork to help the body and mind recover. I couldn’t wait to relax a bit after a real hard week before. Little did I know it would be one of the most exhausting weeks ever.

And for no good reason. 

I couldn’t wake up in the mornings, the runs seemed harder, and my legs were dead tired all week. And I had no good excuse for the lack of motivation.

Saturday’s run was especially hard. The whole time I felt like quitting and almost did with the excuse that it was cutback week and that I would be fine to stop half way, and yes I probably would have been just fine. I kept telling myself just one more mile. One more mile.

One more mile.

Then it hit me. With two miles left.
“It’s just a bad day. No, it’s just a bad week. And that’s ok.”

The rest of my life was perfectly fine, great, in fact. School is going great (even aced a test this week holla), I have the best husband (who goes running with me), and a great support system of family and friends who would do anything for me. So who cares if it was a bad run today?
(Or in this case 5 bad runs this week)

Shake it off. Come back stronger the next run. Remember, it’s just a bad day. One bad run doesn’t define your life. It doesn’t define you as a runner. Its just one bad day.

And remembering all of the blessings I have makes a bad day seem not so bad anymore.


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