Race Recap: Idaho Falls Marathon

In a nutshell: Prerace: it's freeeeeezing up in these hills Miles 1-3: hello downhill Miles 3-9: uuuppp down uuuppp down (repeat x1000) Miles 9-10.5: UUUPPPPPP Miles 10.5-16: down down down (to the burning ring of fire) Miles 16-22: flat and steady now. Gimme more water. Finally passed orange shirt. Miles 22-25: starting to feel the … Continue reading Race Recap: Idaho Falls Marathon


Give Yourself a Break

Whenever I have a race coming up, I always tend to think back on how the training cycle went. It helps me to mentally prepare by reviewing how I've physically prepared. I have a race on Saturday, but this time it's a little different. I've had eight weeks between the Teton Dam Marathon and this … Continue reading Give Yourself a Break