Race Recap: Idaho Falls Marathon

In a nutshell:
Prerace: it’s freeeeeezing up in these hills
Miles 1-3: hello downhill
Miles 3-9: uuuppp down uuuppp down (repeat x1000)
Miles 9-10.5: UUUPPPPPP
fullsizeoutput_257dMiles 10.5-16: down down down (to the burning ring of fire)
Miles 16-22: flat and steady now. Gimme more water. Finally passed orange shirt.
Miles 22-25: starting to feel the fatigue. But I can be strong and push through.
Miles 25-26: orange shirt caught up, but that’s alright because we had a great chat for the last mile.
Mile 26-26.2: hasta la vísta orange shirt! Finished.


This is orange shirt – super cool guy, very experienced racer. Thanks for chatting with me for the last mile!

I’ll be honest, this was probably the hardest run I’ve done and I definitely underestimated the magnitude of the uphills as we were driving the course before race day. But with that said, I couldn’t be any more pleased with the day.

Results: 3:16:23, average pace 7:30
1st in Women’s, 3rd overall
11 Second PR

It was the most beautiful course. I wish I would have taken photos of the hills and fields as the sun was rising.
It wasn’t too hot. It was pretty chilly at 5:15 waiting at the start line. But it was perfect to run in and never got too warm.
There were so many kind people. On the bus ride up I met a few kind people, many more between the start and finish line, and still a few more at the finish line. Shout out to orange shirt for making the last mile bearable.


My word for this race was STRONG. This served as a reminder that I am strong, physically and mentally. This served as an encouragement to keep truckin’ along when I was climbing hills, and to not stop when I was tired the last four miles. This helped me to run strong: physically to keep moving and staying upright, and mentally: to race smart and stick to what I know I need to do during the race, and to stay positive, confident, and happy throughout, especially when it got tough.

Note: I definitely raced smarter, paced myself better, hydrated and fueled better and took in more electrolytes than in Teton Dam. It definitely paid off. Though my time was about the same, I didn’t hit a hard wall and cramp up like I did 8 weeks ago in Teton Dam.

Best of all, right when I turned the last corner I saw my amazing family there waiting for me. I knew that Tate and my sweet momma were coming, and possibly my mother and father in law, but I was surprised to see my dad and sister there as well. Thank you ALL for coming and supporting me!


my #1 fan

5 weeks to Pocatello marathon – the last of the Idaho Triple Crown, my third of four races this year, and my chance to BQ!

Rest. Run. Race. Repeat.


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