Race Recap: Pocatello Marathon

Sitting on the bus at 5:00 AM, pulling out my peanut butter and honey sandwich (My go to Prerace breakfast). Everyone on the bus was a little quiet, I put in my headphones and felt my nerves sink in. This was the big one, the one for Boston, and hopefully a PR. With the downhill course, I was almost expecting it… my mistake.

In a nutshell:
Mile 1: definitely a downhill race (fastest mile… mental note to work on pacing myself downhill amiright)
Miles 2-6: following her closely…
Mile 7: passed her woohoo!
Miles 8-13: cruisin downhill.
Mile 13.1: the halfway Point was where the half marathon started. It was so neat to run past the start of the house as the renters were lining up, and they all broke out into cheering and clapping and, one of the best experiences I’ve had in all my running.
Miles 14-20: still cruisin.
Mile 21-22: there’s a small wall but feeling good still. 5 more miles to finish strong.
Mile 23: Uhhh I might pass out… walk for a minute. Seeing stars and spots. Dizzy. But have. to. keep. moving.
Miles 24-26: walk. Run. Walk. Run. Just. Keep. Moving. Finish. 3:24.

I’m still not quite sure what happened in the last 5K. My nutrition and hydration were the same for each race, and this has never happened before. I was going 15 seconds per mile faster on average than my previous two races, but my body felt great. I don’t know if I needed more fuel, water, if I was overheated, or if it was just a drop in blood pressure for some reason. Either way, I was disappointed.


I was devastated at first because of what happened in the last three miles. I could have placed 2nd kept going through my mind. My dear husband quickly reminded me of all I have accomplished this summer and the fact that I have a chance to run at Boston. I walked out of that race feeling satisfied as I realized the smaller wins along with the big wins throughout the summer. I think because I have been training so hard and long for this race, I did expect to do better so I was disappointed when it didn’t go my way. But some runs are just like that, and you just have to move on. BUT – I finished, I qualified for Boston with 11 minutes to spare, and I actually placed to my surprise. Fourth overall women’s and first in my age group, an Idaho Triple Crown finisher, and a Boston qualified runner.

Something I tried to do this race was smile, cheer, or give a thumbs up every time I saw a camera. Honestly, I felt how this improved my mood and energy throughout the race.

As I try to reflect to figure out exactly what happened at mile 23, I really couldn’t be happier with how it played out. It was a beautiful course, I met some great people, and the runners corral after was fantastic. Now I’m looking forward to building my strength, and having a dang fun time running the rock ‘n’ roll Las Vegas marathon with three of my best running buds in six weeks!


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