Race Recap: Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll

Neon lights, glow in the dark, classic rock music, KISS and Elvis impersonators, and 41,000 people. Sounds like a party, right? Let me tell you, it was. A party that lasted 26.2 miles.

I signed up for this race in March with a good friend – this would be her first marathon!! Eek! After we signed up, another friend joined the 26.2 party, and my mom came to run the half as well. Four strong women representing IDAHO in the big city… What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?! 😉

Our husbands came with us, so nothing too crazy happened, no worries

After getting our glow in the dark tattoos and making our way through the huge crowd to our corral, we started the race on Las Vegas Boulevard at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. At 4:30, the streets were flooded with strong runners of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and goals.

We ran down to the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign, where a symphony played and a memorial stood for those that were involved in the shooting at Mandalay Bay in October. We ran through black lights that lit up the Vegas Strong wall that all runners had signed. Then, down the strip.


There were lights and performers for the first 10 miles of the race, as we ran on the strip and Fremont Street. Those miles flew by. We chatted, sang, cheered, and stayed by each other. After 10, we were on side roads winding around downtown Vegas.


11 down… halfway… 15 down…



Mile 16 it started getting mentally tough. At this point we were running through big parking lots and fields that were blocked off for the route – we felt like cows going through corrals. Weaving back and forth got old real fast… but lasted until mile 24.



We had a glimmer of hope when we turned back onto Las Vegas Boulevard at mile 24, only to be quickly redirected again onto another side street. Thankfully we had each other and good conversation to keep our minds occupied. Also, a huge thanks to all of the amazing volunteers and spectators who continuously cheered us on. There are some real good people in this world.

FINALLY with half a mile left, we were back on the boulevard and ran to the finish! With a burst of energy from the lights, music, and crowds, WE FINISHED! It was so cool to cross the finish line with a good friend for her first time.

After the race, the boys were waiting for us with Diet Coke and roses. ❤️

So whats next? Preparing to start training for Boston. With 6 weeks until training starts, I’m going to rest, listen to my body, and relax my mind. Its been 2 years since I’ve really taken a break (more than 3 days off) from running, so after 4 races this year, I’m allowing myself to rest. Then hitting training hard at the end of December… BOSTON HERE I COME!


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