Gaining Myself Back

I started writing this in June. I started thinking about this last June. A lot of thoughts I'm not sure I'm ready to share... So here we go... I first began running because I had to. Literally. I was taking a personal health and fitness class in school, and I was required to run so … Continue reading Gaining Myself Back


Give Yourself a Break

Whenever I have a race coming up, I always tend to think back on how the training cycle went. It helps me to mentally prepare by reviewing how I've physically prepared. I have a race on Saturday, but this time it's a little different. I've had eight weeks between the Teton Dam Marathon and this … Continue reading Give Yourself a Break

It’s just a bad day (or week)

One week ago I was stoked to start my cutback week. Every three-four weeks of training I have a cutback week that's 10-20% less mileage and no speedwork to help the body and mind recover. I couldn't wait to relax a bit after a real hard week before. Little did I know it would be one … Continue reading It’s just a bad day (or week)


Thursday Thoughts – A Letter to My Younger Self

I've had a lot of thoughts this week. I'll try to keep it short and simple. No promises. This week, something big happened. I scheduled an interview for an internship... meaning I am almost through with my degree... meaning I am growing up. This week, I was reminded of the times when I was younger … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – A Letter to My Younger Self


“You’ll Come To Love It…”

Small town Idaho born and raised - where the winters last 9 months and it snows on the 4th of July. Perfect conditions for a runner, right? Wrong. Right now it is a balmy 15 degrees, and yesterday it snowed so much, there were drifts up to my waist. I'm 5'4". That's Idaho for ya. Growing … Continue reading “You’ll Come To Love It…”