Race Recap: Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll

Neon lights, glow in the dark, classic rock music, KISS and Elvis impersonators, and 41,000 people. Sounds like a party, right? Let me tell you, it was. A party that lasted 26.2 miles. I signed up for this race in March with a good friend - this would be her first marathon!! Eek! After we signed … Continue reading Race Recap: Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll


Race Recap: Pocatello Marathon

Sitting on the bus at 5:00 AM, pulling out my peanut butter and honey sandwich (My go to Prerace breakfast). Everyone on the bus was a little quiet, I put in my headphones and felt my nerves sink in. This was the big one, the one for Boston, and hopefully a PR. With the downhill … Continue reading Race Recap: Pocatello Marathon

Speed Work vs. The Long Run – Which Is More Important?

Which is more important - Speed work or the long run? Both have their risks and benefits - Speed work: Benefits: building stronger muscles, increasing heart health, burning more calories in shorter amount of time, greater stamina, increased lactate threshold, you will get faster! On top of that, your brain will learn to handle the … Continue reading Speed Work vs. The Long Run – Which Is More Important?